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oakley dart sunglasses
12 May, 2012 (4033 Days Ago)
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For years, fishermen and boating enthusiasts have known the advantages of using polarized sunglasses when in the water. This is because polarized lenses have the capability to reduce the glare of light reflected off the water. The increasing popularity of outdoor sports and recreation has lead to wider applications of polarized sunglasses, with several designer brands of sporty sunglasses introducing their own versions.But just how do polarized sunglasses work? The light that bounces off a smooth surface like that of water or road is horizontally polarized.oakley batwolf sunglasses This particular type of sunglasses has vertical polarizers that counteract the effect of horizontally polarized light. This translates to lesser amount of glare perceived whenever you’re driving, or doing the outdoor activity that you love the most, like boating or golfing.Not only this type of sunglasses suitable foroakley dangerous sunglasses those driving vehicles, it is also recommended for those who have difficulty reading printed letters and those sensitive to light. Persons who have undergone eye operations are also advised to wear polarized sunglasses, especially when outdoors. However, the sales of polarized sunglasses are not confined to those with medical eye conditions or those who love to spend the outdoors most of the time. The past several years have seen the rising popularity of polarized sunglasses in mainstream fashion and this accessory have crossed over to become an indispensable fashion must-have. Most designer brands of polarized sunglasses cost over . More popular brands include Maui Jim and Oakley, where designs are sometimes sleek, sometimes sporty, but all stylish and trendy. Slightly lower prices are offered by Smith and Kaenon.However, those with limited financial resources do not have to spend much to get themselves a pair of designer polarized sunglasses. A lot of online traders are offering discount designer sunglasses, slashing the prices of these expensive accessories to make it more affordable to those seeking to buy only the best that branded sunglass designers have to offer. Another option would be purchasing replica polarized sunglasses, where the wearer not only gets to enjoy its glare-reduction properties, it affords total protection from harmful UV rays, and it looks good, too! If there’s one type of eyewear that has maintained its popularity all these years, it would be aviator sunglasses. First manufactured by Ray-Ban in 1937, this type of sunglasses has initially gained popularity among Naval aviators, thus, the name. But when its aesthetic and fashionable value was recognized, there’s no stopping its distribution and retail in the mainstream market.The brand most associated with designer aviator sunglasses, however, would still be Ray-Ban. This particular company has been providing a number of style options to its customers, offering aviator sunglasses in different colors for the lens and the frames. This particular eyewear is characterized by dark, slightly curved lenses, wire frames and temples. One aspect contributing to its popularity is the capability of the lenses to considerably cut the sun’s glare. With the advent of polarized lenses, this particular function was significantly enhanced. Law enforcement officers have also taken into using aviator sunglassesoakley caveat sunglasses not only to protect their eyes from the sun’s glare, but also to establish authority by appearing aloof and not making any eye contact.Since aviator sunglasses become a decidedly popular fashion accessory, and celebrities like Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson started wearing them, a lot of sunglasses brands have started designing and selling their own versions.One popular designer aviator sunglasses brand would be Oakley, whose products primarily cater to sporty individuals. Serengeti is also one brand renowned oakley dart sunglasses for its line of designer aviator sunglasses. Fashion labels like Chanel and Dior have also introduced their own brands of designer aviator sunglasses. Some of the newer models of aviator sunglasses have foregone the use of metal frames and temples for high-quality plastic materials. What didn’t changed, though, are the slightly curving lenses designed to minimize light penetration even from the sides of the eye.For practical purposes, you should choose sunglasses that block out at least 90% of the sun's UV rays. This would ensure that your pretty eyes are kept safe, which is the primary purpose of sunglasses.liuliping/blog201205

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